Exterior House Painting: 5 Questions that Matter

Whether it’s for home or a commercial establishment, aesthetics is always the primary factor people consider when painting. But, there are other factors that also require attention.Shorian Painting shares the 5 questions about exterior house painting that may seem trivial at first. But, every property owner should be aware of them to achieve desired results.

1. What colors last longer?

Beyond aesthetics, longevity is another essential consideration for choosing exterior colors. Color selection has a strong influence on paint performance. Accordingly, the amount of ultraviolet (UV) light absorbed or reflected by the color affects how long a paint job will last. Dark colors may not work because they fade faster. Shades of beiges, browns, tans, and other earth-tone colors are more stable on exterior exposure. Check the best exterior color schemes for highly recommended colors.

2. What colors are not recommended for external use?

Very few would consider painting a home in red, yellow, and blue. Why? The pigments used in these colors are less likely to break down than the pigments in organic colors such as reds, blues, greens and yellows.

3. How often should you paint house exteriors?

Exterior painting lasts for as long as 8 to 10 years. It is important to contact a good house painting service provider to make sure you won’t have to ask for repaints every year.

4. When is the best time to paint?

Since paint needs time to dry, the best time of the year to consider any painting project is during the dry season when there is little rain or low humidity.

5. Price or quality?

Cost effective paint doesn’t mean it should be less pricey. You may be tempted to go for less expensive brands and eventually suffer more for frequent painting. So, choose wisely. Consider using high-quality materials that match your house and climate; conduct regular maintenance and you’re in for less frequent re-coatings.

The next time you consider repainting, don’t just think about aesthetics. Color selection, longevity, quality, and the best season to do it also matter.


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