Home Remodeling: Getting it Right from the Word Go

Buying a home is a lifetime investment. Keeping it looking good and maintaining its market worth should be a priority. Unlike land that appreciates over time, your house’s worth will drop as time goes by. Doing frequent repairs and remodeling should keep this in check. Running comprehensive improvement projects should increase the house’s initial cost by a substantial amount.Home remodeling projects affect your home’s resale value. Here are some basic things to consider when planning for home maintenance and remodeling this year.

The Roof Mustn’t Be Leaking

No one cares how awesome the bathroom or the Formica countertops in the kitchen are if the roof is leaking. Normally, consistent maintenance would have taken care of this. But, most homeowners tend to ignore the roof, insulation, and sometimes the AC.

We can’t blame them. After all, these parts of your house rarely cross your way in a normal day. Shorian Painting believes taking the time to make sure your house actually shelters people from the elements is the first step to getting your home improvement right.

The Kitchen and the Bathroom are a Gold Mine

According to a home remodeling magazine, the kitchen and the bathroom are the next big thing in the home remodeling industry. In most places, a kitchen or bath improvement project will recoup up to over 100 percent its worth.

With kitchens and bathrooms gobbling up a greater percentage of a home’s worth, it would only be sensible to put them high on the home improvement priority list. These are places where people will spend more time in either socializing or relaxing, making them the best targets.

Remodel With Your Neighborhood in Mind

Your neighborhood determines the worth of your home improvement projects. While the value of basic improvements like making the kitchen better, installing a siding or replacing the windows might carry in most neighborhoods, some might not really care whether you have a Jacuzzi in the basement or a swimming pool on the rooftop.

Getting your priorities right when doing home improvement. Maintenance is key to keeping your house’s worth at a reasonable level.

Author: Lillian Johnson

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