Paint Me Right: Four Tips on Choosing the Best Colors for Your Home

Choosing a color for your home might sound easy, but it actually requires a great deal of deliberation. One false move and you’ll end up wasting time and money—worse, you’ll be living with your mistake for a long time.Here are four sure-fire tips on choosing the best color for your home:

1. Take note of the light.

As Shorian Painting and Construction suggests, be mindful of the windows and lighting fixtures. You shouldn’t just picture the color on the wall; think about how the light will affect the hue. For example, choosing deep brown shades will just drain the light away. If you have a huge window where sunlight passes through, imagine the color that will surround that window. Will it make the room appear brighter and lighter, or will it just create a heavy contrast to the natural light?

2. Consider the architectural design.

One of the ways to play with color is by looking at your home’s architectural designs. What kind of wood or material do you have for your home’s interiors and exteriors? Are there any embellishments on the doorways and archways? Think of color as a way to accentuate the beauty of the design of these designs rather than just painting over them. Use eggshell shades on the walls, but go for a deeper color on the columns or embellishments.

3. Use a color that inspires you.

Make sure the colors can induce a positive vibe on your surroundings. Don’t just choose on a whim; think hard about the shades you’ll be using. Personal preferences can serve as a guide. Color catalogs can also be a great resource for ideas—some home painting services provide these, along with samples.

4. Be creative.

Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. Browse through magazines and look at designs that appeal to you. Do not just stick to your favorite colors; go for those that you might not usually consider. You’ll be surprised at the unique choices available out there.

Getting the right paint colors is more than just finding what works; it’s about getting the right shades that will show your best personality and breathe creativity into your space.

Author: Mike Roach

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