What Home Areas are Perfect Candidates for Epoxy Floor Coating?

If you have never heard about epoxy coating before, and have no idea what its benefits are, just think of it as a tough extra layer of protection that you add to concrete floors. It is hard to damage, resistant to mold and mildew, and adds an attractive gloss to your floor. On top of that, it is highly resistant to substances like oil and grease, which would ruin most types of paint.

With its versatility and many benefits, epoxy has found favor with many homeowners. Most local home improvement contractors, like Shorian Painting, include epoxy floor coating in their services these days. But which rooms and areas of your home actually need it?

1. Garages – Frequently used area? Check. Large possibility of spills? Check. Big heavy car constantly putting strain on the floor? Double check. Your home’s garage is easily one of the prime candidates for epoxy flooring, so you should definitely consider adding it here first.

2. Basement – Basements are often storage places of all sorts of things, and it pays to make sure that the floor is strong. Plus, considering how vulnerable the basement is to flooding and other forms of water damage, it’s definitely helpful to have it should the unexpected ever occur. Apply epoxy coating here when you can.

3. Lobbies – This applies more often to commercial buildings, but even houses that use concrete floors in high foot traffic areas should definitely use epoxy coating. With enough care and maintenance, an epoxy floor will keep its gloss and look brand new for a long time, even with people always coming and going.

4. Kitchens – Level epoxy is really easy to clean, making it perfect for the kitchen and dining areas with concrete floors. These areas also get lots of foot traffic, and the shiny gloss that epoxy gives is perfect for impressing guests that come over for dinner.

5. Workshops – Have a metal or woodworking hobby? You’re going to need a durable floor that can keep up with the rough use and heavy equipment. Perhaps most importantly, the anti-slip properties of epoxy will prevent potentially serious accidents.

It would not be much of an exaggeration to say that you should consider adding an epoxy coating to any concrete floor, no matter where it is in you home. A coating is relatively cheap, and it pays off greatly over its years-long lifespan.


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