4 Reasons You Simply MUST Finish Your Basement


Is your basement unfinished?  Do you know that this is wasted space?  There are many reasons that finishing your basement can be a wise decision.  The reasons include not only the extra living space you get, but also for the positive financial reasons.  Let’s explore some of the great reasons you should consider finishing you unfinished basement.


Value for Your Money

Compared to other common home improvement projects including kitchen or bathroom remodels or other additions, finishing your basement offers the highest value per square foot.  Finishing a basement has a lower per square foot cost to complete and offer a higher per square return on your investment than any of the other common home improvement projects.


Creative Freedom

Finishing your basement offers you an opportunity to create a space that directly reflects your lifestyle.  Here are some inspiring ideas of things that you can do with your unfinished basement space:

  • Cozy sanctuary space to escape to
  • Large entertaining space for parties
  • Home Office
  • Highly functional Storage space
  • Workout/Yoga room
  • Home Theater or Media Room for epic movie nights or Sports parties
  • Man Cave for the men to escape to.
  • Hobby Room to showcase and work on whatever your hobby may be.
  • Playroom for the kids
  • Studio Apartment to rent out for extra income
  • In-Law Suite to provide a comfortable space for guests and in-laws.
  • Fully functioning bar
  • Dance Floor/Dance Studio for the dance lovers that want to practice their moves in privacy
  • Indoor Pool/Spa
  • Game Room/Recreational room to house all your arcade, billiard and indoor games!
  • Wine Cellar and/or Humidor
  • …and SO many other options!

Home Value

Let’s face it, a home with a finished basement is more desirable than one without.  We have seen customers sell their homes with finished basements and received up to 200% more that the cost of building out their finished basements.  For this reason, we continually see the same customers come back to us with every new home that they purchase.  If nothing else, a professionally finished basement can give you the competitive edge that you need over other homes that you may be competing with!  In this housing market, we want to provide you with every competitive edge we can.


Personal Value

There are some benefits of a finished basement that is hard to quantify.  How do you put a value on the feeling you get when you are in a space that is custom made to reflect your specific personality and style?  How about the value of having space that enhances the way that you enjoy your free time, whether it is a space for entertaining your friends, cozy space to read, a workshop to build model trains or whatever your hobby, or just a safe space dedicated to allow your kids to play without worry.  How do you put a price to things like that? Some would these are “priceless” benefits!


So, as you can clearly see, a basement is more than just “extra space”!  When completed professionally, it can be a sound investment financially, mentally and even for your physical well-being!  We have experts on hand to help you imagine a basement space or even remodel or update an existing one with the latest features to compliment you and your family’s personal lifestyle!


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